Born in 1984, Carlos Escobar grew up in Tlatecahuacan, a small village near Mexico City. He discovered his passion for visual arts in his family's own stationery shop. His creative talent got him a job in the Mexican film industry where he designed and implemented special effects for cinema and commercial productions for 5 years in Mexico City. At the age of 23 he enrolled in Industrial Design at UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico). He dedicated all his spare time to oil painting and street art. After one semester at UNAM he followed his love to Switzerland where he studied Art Education at ZhdK (Zurich University of the Arts). Today he workes as an artist (visual and tattoo) in Switzerland. 

Carlos Escobar uses oil painting and collage to create surreal realities combining tribal art elements and components of electronic devices. His artwork is a colourful journey into inner life of his characters, mostly hybrids between humans and animals. He recombines symbols and impressions of daily urban life to express emotions around identity, death, perception, spirituality and power.  

Exhibitions in Bern, Hamburg, London and Nottingham, Art Residency in Berlin. Cologne.

Tattoo Conventions in Bern, London and Nottingham.